About blog images


In the article record you can upload an image. If so, the default settings show a thumbnail on the "article list" page and an enlargement when you click through to the "main article" page. You can amend the sizes of both by going to Articles > Article settings. You will need to re-upload images if you want your new sizes to apply to images you have already uploaded. ...more

A blog entry example


For our blogs and news pages (which can also be used for events listings, diaries, a list of general articles, etc), each entry is an 'article', which can be edited by going to Content > Articles. This field is the strapline. You can also enter additional text in the Body text field, in which case the user will be invited to link through by clicking on 'More'. ...more

Another blog entry example


Here is another blog entry. We have set the system to list your blogs in date order newest first, although you can use a manual sort order if you prefer in the main Section record. So if you create another multi page section you can specify how the system should sort your articles. ...more